Residential Life

The residential life at LACM comes closest to being a home away from home.

LACM offers an idyllic residential experience with a great blend  of limitless comfort combined with a  wide range of facilities. The versatility and  supportive community life   with  a healthy and integrated experience is  best described as  an  experience that  encourages individual all round  growth and prepares you for a most rewarding  future.

  • Hygienic and Nutritious Meal

We provide hygienic and nutritious meal to the students and ensure that the food and beverages are wholesome, The healthy hostel recipes  are prepared by trained cooks,  each meal assures that eating is enjoyable. The bakery provides freshly baked snacks and quality confectionaries for delicious options in the snack menu.

  • Lodging

We provide standard lodging facilities in accordance with age groups and gender to students who require hostel facilities. LACM hostel has rooms on twin and triple sharing basis for the girls, all the rooms are neat, tidy and well ventilated. Every hostel is accompanied by a warden, well trained housekeeping staff, there are separate kitchens and dining halls to ensure comfort, hygiene and well being.

  • Health Services

Health is a high priority at LACM and we ensure quality health care. The premises has an infirmary and round the clock health professionals  in order to provide first aid  and  primary health care to the students. There are many hospitals   that are easily accessible for medical emergencies.

  • Security

Round-the-clock security is provided when college is in session.  Security personnel are present within the premises throughout the year  and are available throughout the academic year.

  • Laundry

In -house laundry facilities are available for all boarders. Uniforms are freshly laundered and delivered to all the students in their rooms.