Reasons to study at LACM


Little Angels’ College of Management (LACM) stands on the strong foundation of the academically reputed institution of Little Angels.’

It is situated in a serene environment of Hattiban, Lalitpur. We have the physical and Information Technology infrastructure, academically qualified and professionally experienced faculty team to assist you in your learning and self-development process.



The course faculty members are more than just lecturers. They coordinate the course content and motivate students towards a self-learning process.

We strongly recommend case study, group presentation, public speaking, peer learning etc. We conduct re-cap sessions, where by the students need to present the class with the topics discussed in the previous day’s session. This helps students to improve their presentation and speaking skills along with their note taking ability. Its results have an impact during the examinations. We do motivate students to have social events, educational and leisure trips and informal interaction sessions for wider exposure and to inculcate the habit of socialization.

Career & Placements

We believe in the growth that comes from network.

We have established a good relationship with the corporate houses, where our graduates regularly visit, work, and learn the real execution of business management and strategies. Our mandatory internship credit, group project assignments, industrial visits allow the students not only to complete their assigned works, but also to interact with the professionals, develop a rapport with them and built a long-term professional relationship. This has helped students to get a job placement after their graduation. During the semester sessions we do have related visiting faculties from abroad who share their experiences with us. Students get to know the global approach towards the subject matter.


Programs recognized worldwide

 The BBA, BBIS and BHTM programs are affiliated to Kathmandu University (KU) in direct coordination with Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM).

It has the reputation of being a pioneer in transforming and leading the management education to a greater level in Nepal. The corporate sector highly values graduates coming from the KUSOM and its affiliated institutions, due to the practical approach towards the learning process.

Our graduates have excelled professionally in various corporate and social sectors here and abroad. This is the evidence of our excellence. This is not just due to their good academic performance, but also due to their networking and socialization attitude. Today’s managers do not just operate within the boundaries of a nation, but they also operate globally. We prepare our students to adapt to any cultural and business environment. With LACM, you do not worry about getting a job, but think about creating one. Here, you get that entrepreneurial spirit.

Currently LACM is offering Bachelors’ in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelors’ in Business Information System (BBIS), and Bachelors’ in Hospitality and Tourism Management (BHTM) with the affiliation of Kathmandu University (KU).