Non Academic

LACM celebrates the diversity of campus life. The diverse plethora of activities makes life at LACM not only an exciting and rejuvenating experience but a connection of extraordinary unique experiences. There are vibrant social service, athletics . drama . dance and  literary clubs that  have been the pivot around which all the great cultural events  and excitement revolve.

  • The Annual 10th LA Cup
  • Picnic to Lakhurebhanjyang
  • Farewell to Batch BBA/BBIS/BHTM 2012-16
  • LIBC (LACM Inter Batch Competition)
  • Election and Oath taking of Student Council
  • Freshers’ welcome to Batch BBA/BBIS/BHTM 2016-20
  • Cultural Program 2016
  • LA Inter College Futsal Competition
  • Monsoon Festival