Core Interactive Group (CIG):Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Program Coordinator : Namita Subedi (full time faculty, LACM)

Guest Speaker :  Niraj Khanal, Chief Executive Officer,  Antar Prerana

Discussions were made on the meaning of Entrepreneurship. Explanations were given relating his own life experiences. Struggle made by the entrepreneurship on the early stage were clarified. Motivational speech were  made on how on developing leadership skills can be helpful for developing those skills that might build up the entrepreneurship from early stage form the schools and colleges. Explanations were made on how different opportunity had to be distinguished from chaos and use those ideas in the creative and innovative way. Floor was also made open to student interactions at the end.

With the presence of students from CIG, BBA 3rd year, BHTM 4th year and other interested students, the seminar was conducted successfully. The Principal of LACM Mr. Mitra Bandhu Poudel provided the guest lecturer with token of appreciation.